A collection of works done for my businesses and clients throughout the years.

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Apparel / Flyers / Logos

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Web / App / Ads

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Puzzles / Board Games / Card Games


I offer a wide range of services. If you are looking breath life into an existing business or idea, then we can utilize my social media and marketing experience. We can brainstorm different ways to engage your audience while strengthening your brand. On the other hand, if you're looking to start from scratch, then have no fear- my extensive consultation skills are here to help. Let me design your path to success.

Get the attention you're looking for. Together, we can design a campaign to reach the right audience. Develop your brand today.

Vector based designs that you can print anywhere. With over 10 years of Illustrator experience, I can design anything from coasters to car wraps.

Not sure where to start? No problem. I'm here to help. Let's set up a meeting today. As an experienced consultant, I can get to the bottom of it.

Mason Grant Design

Professional Graphic & Web Design

Mason Grant is a professional web and graphic designer from northern California. With over 20 years of experience, Mason Grant can get the job done on time and accurately. Professional Graphic & Web Design.

Gamma Wave Games is a great place to find well designed games. A fine example of Mason Grant’s ability to design a complex class system to fit into a set of rules, while designing all of the print graphics as well. A large print project gone successfully.

Digital and Print

design resume

Professional Graphic & Web Design

Graphic Design

Look no further with your eyes. On time and never late, we keep bringing fantastically designed graphics to the forefront. Graphic Design has been a passion for me. Let me save you time and money next time you are by you computer and worried about design projects.

Web Design

Since 14 years old, I have spent time by the computer designing everything from 3d graphics to video games. During college, I chose to pursue my design passion as a career and started to make websites for small business in Chicago and Atlanta. With great success, I kept the momentum designing websites professionally for years to come.

Professional Design

Lastly, my work is professional. We will get you something you love. It will dazzle others with its thoughtful design sense. The product will last for years to come!

Graphic Design

Here we go again with more positive adjectives to describe what is known as the best and most satisfactory deliverables of all time. Take all the time you need to peruse the portfolio. The portfolio comes with punch! Choose any style and I will replicate it for print or web

Professional Graphic & Web Design

Thanks for viewing the SEO happy text. Professional quality work. Delivered on time. Happy customers. Contractor. Graphic and web design with a side of game design. Coming at you with full force. Have a wonderful day and contact me if you need web design, graphic design, print design, application consulting, or anything else. Bye!